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Company news
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Momerable Day
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Momerable Day


August 18th, the special day, that our mission of build each staff’s entrepreneurship has come ture again. One group, one life and one thing!


Before the ceremony, that’s cheer up by the August PK among the sales.


The Wolves: Wolves in the world, never lose a battle

The Eagles: The wind and cloud rise, the drum beats. Eagles, afraid nobody!


The Tigers: Roar through the sky, the victory is ours.

 Special Surprise-Photo Contest Award


In June, after the lectures of photography by Mr. Huang and Mr. Chen from Auplex Business School, there is a photo contest about “ the beauty of Auplex”. Today, we have our winner—Lin Zhentao. President Huang awards Lin Zhentao as the most popular person personally. In Auplex, as long as you have the desire for knowledge you'lllearn more and more, and will be become better and stronger.


Heat Machine Branch Offices Equity Signing and Authorized Ceremony

Build each staff’s entrepreneurship is not JUST a slogan. Following the Grill Branch was established with equitygrant signing ceremony in April. In AugustHeat Machine while to  establishment two branches, another group of people to become Auplex’s "Gang People "to achieve a "entrepreneurship dream", to achievework for themselves". Today two branches Auplex's Heat Machine Division officially sailing. It means Auplex Heat Machine Industry is a veritable “industrial hidden champion”!

The shares of First Division are: Liu ShizhenXiao JinyanXiao FurongZhang Jinwu, Qin YuefenHe Liping,Zeng Zhaoyuan.








The shares of Second Division areLu YingshengHuang GuangqingYang Yongping, Zhang Chengfu.






On this ceremony, President Huang also authorized sales group lead Guo Haixia and Zhang Fangfang “honorary shareholder" certificate which is a symbol of honor and responsibility.



 All New Shareholders Take Oath



Let’s open champagne to celebrate this great historic moment for alll of us. Wish Auplex better tomorrow!




Happy Birthday

Best bless to people who was born on August.
 Happy birthday!


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