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Name: 23.5 Inches Large Ceramic BBQ Grill (Red)
Item No.:
Model: AU-23
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Detailed Note  

23 1/2 Inch New Size AUPLEX Ceramic Kamado Grill


1. The Shells was made of heatproof clay, it is non-toxic, harmless, environmental and fuel saving, and also the fish scale texture;
2. The ceramic shells can endure more than 1000 degree temperature without cracking.
3. Egg design, the temperature can goes very fast through internal recycle and convection;
4. Outstanding high gloss finish;
5. High tightness, the big meat can be well-done easily;
6. Standard feature: Ceramic Shells, firebox, fire ring, Trolley stand with brake, two assembly bamboo side shelves, a stainless steel cooking grill, Cast Iron adjustable top damper and crate etc

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